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Steyning Drama Company is proud to present CURL UP AND DIE

Tickets: Curl Up and Die at Barn Theatre, Southwick BN42 4TE event tickets from TicketSource

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Set in an antiquated hair salon, this fast-moving action-packed farce features an assortment of amusing characters.

A complete makeover is the salon’s only chance of survival. Owner Ruth enters a top hairdressing competition, desperate to win the cash prize to pay for the upgrade, but all does not go according to plan. Ruth and her trainee race around to cover up the archaic quirks of the salon as twists, turns, hilarity and calamity unfold!

Will Ruth achieve her dream to turn her beloved salon into one fit for her high-end clients, or will the blue rinse brigade and a fleet of unexpected visitors get in the way?

This hilarious play is written by the highly acclaimed playwright Anna Longaretti. An actor, she has also written several feature films, but drew on her own experience of working as a hair stylist to write Curl Up and Die. It was originally performed at the Questors Theatre, Ealing, London. When asked in an interview, ‘What are the unique challenges of writing farce?’ Anna replied: ‘Writing farce is like trying to unravel spaghetti and then put it back exactly how it was – just don’t forget the sauce!’

**Director Glenn Chubb and Steyning Drama Company promise an entertaining evening - so roll up your curlers, book your tickets and make your appointment at Ruth’s salon!

16th, 17th & 18th November at the Barn Theatre, Southwick 7.30pm 24 Southwick Street, BN42 4TE**