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Can you help someone get their life back on track?

****Welcome to Inside Volunteering where we hope to inspire you to volunteer a little bit of your time and talent to help our local community.


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Can you help someone get their life back on track?****

Many who go to prison find themselves trapped in a cycle of reoffending. Interventions Alliance is an organisation that aims to be there for those people who might fall back into reoffending, and they need you to help them reach out in our community.

How does Interventions Alliance help? Interventions Alliance helps those at risk of offending or reoffending. This support is provided by volunteer mentors. Mentors act as positive role models, who inspire, empower, and guide participants to through an agreed action plan by offering personalised support and equipping participants with the skills to succeed.

These interventions are about having an honest, open, and non-judgmental conversation with people to empower and help them make the decisions to change their life for the better.

How can I help? Interventions Alliance need volunteer mentors in and around the Worthing area. This is a challenging but rewarding role and needs someone who is committed to seeing the process through and delivering results. Working with vulnerable people or people who are experiencing a difficult situation involves a careful balance of sensitivity and professionalism.

What support is there? There’s no experience necessary, but Interventions Alliance will provide you with full training and access to a range of further specialist training for free. Expenses are paid and there’s regular support and supervision from your volunteer coordinator.

If you interested, find out more at Volunteering is for everyone. Want to make a difference in your community? Community Works Volunteer Centre is here to help you get started. Visit to search for a local volunteer role. To arrange a chat with an adviser, call 01273 234023 or email