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Benefits to advertisers

  • It works. The Magazine does work and most advertisers appear month after month because the Magazine works and generates business for them. “Just to let you know, I’ve already booked four new clients within one week of distribution,” MK
  • Price. The Magazine represents incredible value if your target market includes the residents of Shoreham and Southwick. It costs a fraction of the price to advertise in other publications.
  • It is genuinely local. All advertisers operate in or close to the Shoreham and Southwick area. We make efforts to give the magazine a local feel by including local events and activities for free, as well as community news.
  • Longevity. It has 'longevity' and because of its size, content, look, and feel, it will be kept by the majority of households until the next issue arrives, thereby giving advertisers 'immediacy of access' when advertisers services are required. It also features a local diary of events to encourage householders to hold onto their Magazine.
  • No VAT. The price you see is the price you pay. This is because we are a small, independently run business.
  • Quality. The magazine has a very high standard of print and production. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure that you look your best and that your company is proud to be featured and associated with a high-quality publication.
  • Editorial opportunities. Opportunity for local businesses to be featured in their two-page editorial spread. This gives them a depth of coverage that is usually only available at enormous expense in other publications.

Distribution For Inside Shoreham and Southwick 

The Directories are published and distributed monthly. Distribution dates vary but the magazine will always be distributed in the first half of each month.

Our magazines are delivered to over 10,000 homes in Shoreham, including Shoreham Beach, and Southwick  We deliver 12 months of the year.

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